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May 29, 2007 at 5:37 pm 1 comment

Awhile back I introduced the notion of Tag Drafting as a way to think about adding efficiency to online information consumption…via topic drafting and/or author drafting.  I’m still very sold on this model in terms of how you might apply it to drive high quality content filtration to online conversations – in fact, I’m drafting every day on the topics that interest me most. 

Lots to discuss here in the future about rating, reputation, voting, and social Bookmarking tools – various combinations of which offer community managers a number of new ways to improve communities both for the most active participants and equally importantly the drive-by participants or “silent searchers.”

Sue Waters at Mobile Technologies in TAFE took the topic a little further in a good explanation at this link of RSS Drafting.  She was kind of enough to send me a link to  

For those inclined to like the idea of tag drafting, this cool little tool gives you a navigable visualization diagram of a tagger’s tags in delicious.  Below is my (seanodmvp) visualization.  Obviously I have a few topics I predominately tag about 🙂  But you get the idea.


For contrast, check out another person who has been tagging far longer (and more diligently) than I (Lee, borrowed you here:))


It’s my belief that people who share one interest often share other and related interests as well.  I still think it is too hard to make all of this super efficient as part of my normal daily workflow, but I see a lot of great innovation leading in the right direction.  Assuming I know the delicious name, I can quickly grab the visualization, click on a tag and click on an RSS feed to everything that person tags on the topic…Love it! 

More to do of course… For example, it would be really powerful if I could create custom groups of people, visualize their tags, and subscribe to a group RSS feed on the topic – a multi-author, single topic RSS feed – sounds like a combination Reputation + Bookmarking + syndication service).  If someone knows an easy way to do this, let me know:)

Late addition:  Sue also has a great Wiki article on maximizing your use of Delicious.


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